Ex-hand & machine lamp HL/ML

Ex-protected hand and machine lamps HL/ML.

These powerful explosion-protected hand and machine lamps with fluorescent lamps and LEDs were developed especially for use during inspection and maintenance work in hazardous areas. Typical applications are found, for example in the chemical industry, offshore, in the automotive sector, in the aircraft industry or in shipyards. Due to their small size and high light output,these rugged lights are especially suited for lighting in tight spaces, the interior of machinery, silos, etc. wherever a reliable portable light source is required. With the appropriate accessories (optional) the machine lights can also be used,for example, for lighting sampling ports or as tube gauge lights or they can easily be mounted on railing pipes.
  • Single and twin-lamp versions from 6 W to 58 W or with LED-technique from 6 W to 36 W
  • Lumen output from 200 lm up to 4780 lm, with directional (180°) or all round lighting (360°)
  • Wide voltage range 85 V - 264 V AC/DC for general applications 12 V - 24 V AC/DC for confined spaces (e. g. metal tanks)
  • Robust protective tube made of polycarbonate
  • Suited for use in explosive gas and dust atmospheres,acc. ATEX & IECEx
  • High degree of protection IP68