GHG43 Series Ex Explosion Protected Control Stations

GHG43 Control Stations are used as a remote means of:
Motor control
Visual indication of equipment performance
On-off control of circuits
Circuit selection

Applications include:
For installation at petroleum refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants and other process industry facilities where similar hazards exist.
  • NEMA 4X, IP66 enclosure with formed-in-place gasket
  • Available with all operators: indicator lights, potentiometers, control switches, pushbuttons, terminal blocks and meters
  • Base-mounted contact blocks
  • Easy change-out components snap in place on DIN rail
  • Enclosure meets UL 94-VO; also available in anti-static Ex e materials
  • Inserts for mounting DIN rails
  • Available with a maximum of 2 entries - top and bottom for conduit fittings or cable glands
  • Captive, corrosion-resistant cover screws